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The Register - Top infosec vendors, cops, liberate thousands from ransomware

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SANS - ISC StormCast for Monday, November 21st 2016

Securityweek - Office 365 Flaw Made Fake Microsoft Emails Look Legitimate

Threat Post - Office 365 Vulnerability Identified Bogus Microsoft.com Email As Valid

Softpedia - New Open Source Linux Ransomware Shows Infosec Community Divide

The Register - Top infosec vendors, cops, liberate thousands from ransomware

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Sc Magazine - Arrogant ransomware author's plans foiled by creator of the ransomware's source code

Softpedia - Braggadocio Ransomware Developer Gets Humbled by Security Researchers

Securityaffairs - EDA2, derived from the educational ransomware, is easy to break

Securityweek - New EDA2-Based Ransomware Easily Neutralized

The Register - Blundering ransomware uses backdoored crypto, unlock keys spewed

Zdnet - Ransomware über Hintertür in der Verschlüsselung ausgetrickst

Softpedia - KeRanger Ransomware Is Actually Linux.Encoder Ported for Macs

Securityweek - Malware Developers Blackmail Creator of Open-Source Ransomware

Grahamcluley - Ransomware author tries to blackmail security researcher into taking down 'educational' malware project

Bleepingcomputer - Hidden Tear Ransomware Developer Blackmailed by Malware Developers using his Code

Slashdot - Malware Operator Barters With Security Researcher To Remove Open Source Ransomware Code

Securityweek - Encryption Flaw Used to Crack Cryptear Ransomware

Trendmicro Blog - A Case of Too Much Information: Ransomware Code Shared Publicly for “Educational Purposes”, Used Maliciously Anyway

Softpedia - Shoddy Ransomware Destroys User's Files

Securityaffairs - Flawed RANSOM_CRYPTEAR ransomware makes impossible the file recovery

Securityweek - Educational Ransomware Abused by Cybercriminals

Betanews - Sharing ransomware code for educational purposes is asking for trouble

Internetcom - 悪用するなよ、絶対悪用するなよ―教育目的の「オープンソース」ウイルス、やっぱり悪用


Mcafee Blog - Ransomware a Favorite of Cybercriminals

The Register - Ransomware blueprints published on GitHub in the name of education

Security Affairs - Hidden Tear Ransomware is now open Source and available on GitHub

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SecurityDaily -  Ransomware mã nguồn mở được phát hành với mục đích “giáo dục

SecurityLab - Хакер разместил на GitHub вымогательское ПО с открытым исходным кодом

Computerwelt - Erste quelloffene Ransomware veröffentlicht

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Seguridad - Primer ransomware de código abierto

Nacional De Tecnologias De La Informacion Y Comunicacion -  Hidden Tear, el primer ransomware de código abierto con fines educativos

Digitoday - "Virustutkat eivät havaitse" – kiristysohjelmasta tuli avointa koodia