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promptmap (2023)

automatically tests prompt injection attacks on ChatGPT instances

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socialhunter (2022)

crawls the website and finds broken social media links that can be hijacked

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wholeaked (2022)

a file-sharing tool that allows you to find the responsible person in case of a leakage

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reqstress (2021)

a benchmarking&stressing tool that can send raw HTTP requests

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urlhunter (2020)

urlhunter is a recon tool that allows searching on URLs that are exposed via shortener services such as bit.ly and goo.gl

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Shotlooter (2020)

a recon tool that finds sensitive data inside the screenshots uploaded to prnt.sc

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Jeopardize (2020)

A low(zero) cost threat intelligence&response tool against phishing domains

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Rhodiola (2019)

Personalized wordlist generator with NLP, by analyzing tweets. (A.K.A crunch2049)

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firstorder (2018)

A traffic analyzer to evade Empire's communication from Anomaly-Based IDS

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Leviathan Framework (2018)

wide range mass audit toolkit.

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Romtu (2016)

Automated poetry generator in Turkish.

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House Party Protocol (2015)

It's a file wiper program which can get commands remotely and acts in emergency stiuations. It's written for preventing your private datas captured by police or thieves.

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Jani Blackjack Analyser (2015)

A simple blackjack game supported by card counting and basic strategy. Coded for analysing basic strategy and card counting algorithms in large scale researches about mathematics of blackjack.

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